Vintage Interior Design Furniture Ideas For You

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Vintage interior design furniture ideas make people nostalgically remembering sweeter times with 1940’s glamour and homes with gorgeous furniture. In fact, there is no era that is more beautiful to recreate in your home than the 1950s and 60s, especially because it means luxurious fabrics, inviting colors and an original blend of elements.

Vintage Interior Design Furniture

Instead of going for a perfect, finished style, vintage home décor finds its appeal on mixing and matching looks, styles and pieces. Here’s a list of vintage interior design ideas to help inspire your next project!


Pastel colors are excellent because they work together with most furniture and decoration pieces. Take this hallway, for example: aside from the breath-taking wallpaper and the cleverly chosen art-pieces, there’s only an armchair and a side table. Plants are enough to give this entryway a certain edge.


There are some vintage design solutions that aren’t suitable for the faint-hearted. This all-white room, for instance, boasts mirrors, chairs and tables with detailing. The white sofa is just as luxurious as the rest of the room, with its floral patterns and luxurious fabrics.

Modern Vintage

Speaking about combining seemingly opposite styles, if you’re careful about choosing the right vintage pieces, you can be sure that they’ll fit into a modern home. You can opt for vintage lighting (in the form of chandeliers or table lamps) or reserve a section of the room for a tea-table set. If space is an issue, choose a side table instead.

Elegant Essentials

This dining room is the epitome of the perfect mixture between Essential Home’s vintage furniture with luxurious textiles and soft colors. Here, DelightFULL stepped in with one of its mid-century chandeliers to achieve the perfect lighting conditions.

Comfortable Vintage

Choosing to place your furniture in original ways can give your room a great edge. Bedside tables can sometimes double as coffee tables and vintage desks can serve as living room tables, provided that they are properly decorated.

Vintage design encompasses melancholy, romance and originality, so dare to play around and see what works best in the room you have to work with.

Life is beautiful

Luckily, there’s no such thing as too elegant or too symmetrical. Four perfectly aligned armchairs, two corresponding floor lights and the perfect atmosphere for an unforgettable evening.

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